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Promoting a Postive School Culture

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Teacher librarians can do many things to encourage people to visit the library. Today there is a change from the sterile quiet and cold library to a welcoming Learning Commons where groups of people can meet to collaborate. The following links give suggestions for transforming the library into a positive space for all students.


The school library....

 maintains a diverse and rich collection of resources that reflects a multicultural and global world;

 This online library shares books in various languages. There are also dual-language books which helps E.A.L. students learn in English when they read it in two languages.


At Queen Charlotte, my students painted ceiling tiles to represent the different countries that they are from. Artwork can help make a place feel more welcoming and cozy. If you click on the images, you will also have to click the "Download" tab above.



This is a website from an elementary school that has a language of the month. Teachers can print of resources such as welcome signs and bulletin board ideas. There are also videos that teach simple sentences in the other language.



acts as a "meeting place", a hub for a variety of school and community-based activities;

This blogger does a great job of outlining how 21st century learning relates to the "Learning Commons".


This website from Alberta shows numerous videos regarding the change from a library to a learning commons.



 provides access to flexible, collaborative work spaces to support curriculum and

 promote literacy;

This document "Together for Learning " published in Ontario gives information on transforming the work space into the Library Commons.


The Calgary School Board has a slide show presentation with links called 'Library to Learning Commons".




provides the collaborative environment for teachers and teacher-librarians to enhance their professional learning and contribute to overall school development; provides a safe, attractive, and comfortable environment for students to socialize, work with peers, and explore personal interests; and

 extends beyond the four walls of the school to engage the community in various teaching and learning activities.


This article in the school library shows inspirational library designs. The spaces are warm and welcoming.



provides an instructional program fully integrated with the curriculum goals for student achievement;

Today the teacher librarian must keep up with the curriculum goals and literacy needs for each grade level. This article is from Austrialia and makes suggestions on how to create a positve and welcoming image. It suggests ways for the teacher librarian to stay visible within the school community.


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