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Promoting Digital Technologies

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Teacher-librarians help students learn strategies for.....



In the article "Nurturing Our Digital Literacy" Kirkland (2010) writes that "School library professionals have a greater responsibility than other teachers to bridge our own learning

divide when it comes to technology for some very basic reasons. Information is our “subject”." This article also reminds us that the digital divide in access still does exist. Not all classroom teachers feel comfortable with technology, therefore the teacher librarian needs to be knowledgeable.


-practicing safe and ethical online behaviours; critically evaluating online resources; practicing effective search strategies;

This is a link from one of our readings for the week "The Digital Dog Ate My Notes: Tools and Strategies for 21st Century Research Projects" This article had a number of links that related directly to this assignment. The authors of this paper have a link http://www.eduscapes.com/sessions/notes/ which gives websites and suggestions for helping students learn the process of research.

The Department of Education on Prince Edward Island currently has a license for Media Smart.There is a link on the Journey On website along with lesson plans and parent information.

Since these resources are subscription based and we pay for access to them, they are password protected.


Teacher Login
Username: peedt10
Password: slpnq6


Student Login
Username: peeds10
Password: ni8qdy


This is the Alberta School Library Council website. This website has amazing links related to cyber bullying and digital citizenship. It is a great resource. 


This link is similiar it has information for parents regarding internet safety at different ages.




--integrating and modeling effective uses of a wide range of established and innovative technologies;

utilizing web tools and environments for communication and collaboration; and

facilitating student leadership in the creative and "fun" applications of digital technologies into multiple learning contexts.


This website called the teacher librarian's toolkit has lots of great links. The first page shares a cute video which demonstrates in song all that teacher librarians can teach.


This website has over 10 links to collaborative tools for students to use. I have never heard of most of them. If you click on the side bar to the left there over 100 other helpful websites which include on-line tools for collaboration in music, surveys etc....


Presentation Tools: Links to various on-line presentation tools including comics, wordclouds, animotos, and Prezis.

 Tagxedo is like a wordle but has a lot more flexiblity with outlines, images and shadows. It is definitely worth a try. 



This website claims that it gives a safe environment for teachers and students to collaborate and create on-line blogs etc...


 Glogster allows students to make on-line posters together.


 Students can make their own comics to present their ideas in any school subject.


 Animoto allows students to put images, music and words together to make their own "music video". 


 Prezis give studens an alternative to presenting with slideshows. 


 How to video for Google docs: This good be a great tool for student newspapers or large group projects. Teachers can make comments on the project while students work.



-providing equitable access to various digital technologies for all learners;

 This article reflects on the important role the teacher librarian can have in the equity of access to information instruction and technologies in schools. It gives a detailed list of all the benefits to encouraging equal acces to technology. For example it can help to overcome economic barriers to achievement.


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