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Research and Guided Inquiry (redirected from Research Tools)

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The teacher librarian...

1-teaches a wide variety of information literacy skills and strategies developed within an information process model;

Many of us, recently took the course on Guided Inquiry. My favorite document link is below from B.C. The document is written in point form. The diagram is simple and the process is easy for all ages to understand. I also like that they suggest different ways to work at each step using technology.



2-assists students with defining personal inquiry questions, accessing relevant and current information, evaluating and synthesizing information, and applying and communicating their new learning;teaches students the nature and importance of inquiry as a lifelong learning strategy;

I really like this link. It relates specifically to Ontario curriculum, but the topic is guiding students through the research process. There are great links to personalize your own graphic organizers and printable charts to help students through the process of research.



3-teaches students strategies to critically evaluate information in its various formats;

This is the guided inquiry project I did for the last course we took. This project takes students through the process of evaluating movie trailers and book trailers before they make their own. Students should be better equiped to produce their own book trailers for the final project.


This is a second example of a Guided Inquiry Unit that was completed last term. The teacher librarian included various tasks to get the students to evaluate their research choices.



4-encourages a collaborative approach to learning;

I like this link because it talks about the process of planning a unit collaboratively. There are videos that you could share at a staff meeting.


This link has a number of links to journals, research and videos related to the role of the teacher librarian. One of the links is to a document called "Exemplary Libaries in Ontario". This documents outlines what is needed to have successful programs.



5-provides "real world" experiences with the inclusion of community-based resources, as well as, a wide range of traditional and digital resources; teaches the critical and effective use of digital resources for research/inquiry; and encourages the creation and presentation of inquiry products using a variety of traditional and digital formats.

This is a link that Lorne share in Module 1. It gives examples of Project Based learning which emphasizes "real" world experiences. I llike this website because it shows videos of various finished projects. It also has a number of printable documents to start the process. It defines PBL in it's FAQ section.



These links leads students into helpful search engines and resources.


Ebscohost-A research tool for all ages. Login Ebsco/Password:level1



PEI book search: Search for books in your library



On-line search engines such as Ask kids  or Kids Click works well for younger children also.




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