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Library Promotion

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Module 3 

This section fits under module 3 because the teacher librarian is there to nurture and motivate the reader. The teacher librarian has to promote reading throughout the school. They also have to keep bulletin boards and displays in the library "fresh". The library has to seem like a welcoming environment. Students also have to be able to see new titles in the displays. Teacher librarians also have to find ways to collaborate with classroom teachers.


Teacher-librarians help by.....


-creating displays and exhibits promoting authors/illustrators, genre/topics, and best-loved books;

This teacher librarian blog has a lot of great bulletin board ideas and links. 


This Pinterest shows images of many library displays.


This is an example of a local librarian who updates her blog each month with an author of the month. She includes videos, book trailers and interviews.



-celebrating reading through a variety of special events, i.e., Reading Week Million Minute Challenge, etc.;

Celebrations of Learning: (For more information refer to the School Library Handbook)

 Book Day/Reading Buddies/Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R.)

The Entire school sets aside time to read. Teachers, specialists and students can be matched up to help all students feel good about reading.


Reading Worm

Students write the name of books they read on a small circle. The circles are taped to the wall to make the body of a worm or catepillar. The more the students read, the longer the worm.

http://www.thissimplehome.com/2012/02/childrens-book-worm.html (shows an image of a reading worm),

Book Trivia

Representatives from each class can compete in a jeopardy style game related to pre-selected books.

Author Day

Students' work is celebrated in class. One student from each class can also be chosen to read his/her work infront of the student body.

Poetry/Drama/Puppertry Festival

The whole school or grade level could plan a month of special activities. At the end of the theme, families could be invited to the school to see and hear all the work the students completed.

Science and Lanuage Arts Fairs

Teacher librarians can be a support to students for these special projects.

Birthday Parties for Famous Writers

Students love to know about their favorite authors. Spend a special day reading those books and celebrating the author's birthday. 

This link shares a number of ways to make reading fun. There are ideas for author days and festivals. There are 25 ideas for making book reports including a book report sandwich.


 This docuement shares various ideas from teachers on monthly library contests and announcements to get students into the library.

library promotion1.pdf  

This link shows how the teacher librarian can promote reading throughout the school. Ideas include a character parade, book of the month and a door decorating contest.




-helping individual students find "just the right book"; involving students/teachers in selecting materials that match students' popular interests/requests;

There are a number of websites that teacher librarians can search to find ideas for teaching students how to choose the right books. I also incuded these links in Module 1.

 This teacher librarian blog has a multiple of links to help students choose books. It also has lesson plans.


 A video that helps teach students how to pick books for themselves.


This is a link to a printable reading interest survey. This will help the teacher librarian find books for each student.


There are many great websites that help students learn to read. The websites are motivating. Many students like to work with technology.



Students also enjoy reading on e-readers or on websites such as Tumblebooks.




-working with classroom teachers to support their use of classroom collections for promoting reading;and

providing recommendations for Read Alouds and identifying a variety of materials for theme-based, teaching strategies

These links from Saskatchewan allow teacher librarians to see the different levels of collaboration. On the grey bar to the left side there are various links to roles, units etc...that help to describe the collaboration process.




-supporting students' reading habits through Book Buddies, Book Clubs, and Silent Reading Programs; .

  Book Clubs

This link helps organize school book clubs. Students can login and chat about different books. There are also fun links such a Mad Libs. P.E.I. library services also provides young adult book club kits.


Book Talks are a way to promote reading. Students can share what they thought about the book they are reading. Other students are encouraged to read (or not)  these books. 


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