The Library Leader


Research tools- Module2  The teacher librarian is there to teach students how to do "smart" research. These are helpful links for doing research or finding books in a school.


Library Promotion-Module 3- Nurturing the reader- The teacher librarian does a number of things to motivate students to enter the library and read. They decorate the space to make it welcoming. They display new titles on bulletin board and tables. They also make daily announcements and promote reading/writing contests.


Promoting Digital Technologies-Module 4- Teacher librarians help students and teachers navigate the internet in today's digital world.Students can find links to Animoto, Prezi, Google docs etc...There are also links to help with note- taking and research.


Creating a Postive School Culture-Module 5-Turning the library into the Learning Commons.


Book Trailers: These book trailers give students a visual and sensory introduction to new book titles. This helps promote reading.


Helping students to choose the right book.- There are links here for both teachers and students. There are visual aids for the classroom and  videos for the students to watch.


Library Lesson/Activities Plans- Various lesson plan/activities to help teachers at various levels to check for student comprehension.


On-line book links- Parents, students and teachers may make use of any of these links to encourage reading at home or in school. Teachers can project these books on the Smartboards for added interest at storytime.


Book review sites. Teacher librarians have to make decisions on which books to order. These links can keep the teacher librarian updated.