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Language Arts Outcomes

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- Students will be expected to communicate information and ideas effectively and clearly, and to respond personally and critically (SCOs 2.1-2.4).

SCO 2.2 recognize that different purposes and audiences influence communication choices such as vocabulary, sentence structure,rate of speech, and tone during talk; consider appropriate communication choices in various speaking contexts




- Students will be expected to interpret, select, and combine information using a variety of strategies, resources, and technologies (SCOs 5.1-5.3).

SCO 5.3 use research strategies such as issue mapping and webbing to guide research




- Students will be expected to create texts collaboratively and independently, using a variety of forms for a range of audiences and purposes (SCOs 9.1-9.5).

SCO 9.1 produce a range of writing forms (e.g., stories, cartoons, journals,

business and personal letters,speeches, reports, interviews,messages, poems, advertisements)

SCO 9.4 develop the awareness that content, writing style, tone of voice, language choice, and text

organization need to fit the reader and suit the reason for writing




- Students will be expected to use a range of strategies to develop effective writing and representing, and to enhance their clarity, precision, and effectiveness (SCOs 10.1-10.5).

SCO 10.2 learn to recognize and begin to use more often the specific prewriting, drafting, revising,

editing, proofreading, and presentation strategies that most effectively help to produce

various texts.

SCO 10.3 acquire some exposure to the various technologies used for communicating to a variety of

audiences for a range of purposes (videos, email, word processing, audiotapes)


SCO 10.5 collect information from several sources ( interviews, film, texts)

and combine ideas in communication

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