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Book Trailer

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Unit Plan: Outline Book Trailer:  Language Arts Outcomes

Points of Inquiry Process :PointsofInquiry.pdf


Day 1 

Students are in the process of reading.

The final project is discussed.

Connect and Wonder

The hook: Students get to watch examples of a movie trailer for Harry Potter. Next they will see a book trailer for the same book.


Students review the Points of Inquiry process

Disussion KWL: Students will work with partners to respond. They will use sticky notes to offer responses.

What is movie trailer? Why are they used? What do they do to make people interested in seeing the movie? What makes a good movie trailer?

What is a book trailer? Questions to be researched day 2 in the computer lab.

Self Assessment: Students will start personal learning journals which will be included in their portfolio.

Teacher will review points of inquiry and expectations for the self-reflective time line.Timeline Reflection on My Inquiry Process

Day 2 


Students will work in partners in the computer lab.

Questions on Book trailers to be researched-Computer Lab

The questions the students wrote are compiled. Students write responses in partners after looking at various recommended book trailers. (teacher will e-mail more links to students). Example: https://sites.google.com/site/booktrailers642/lesson1

A classroom discussion is held to decide a criteria the students should include in their book trailer. Students write an entry in their journal.

Day 3

Critiquing book trailers :

Compare four Book Trailers


Computer lab  

Students will fill in a chart to critique 4 book trailers. The class will first work on two together to model quality responses. The table will include questions categories such as professional or amateur? Did they entice you to read the book? What worked well? What did not work well? Students will pass in table to be placed in their portfolio. Example of table:Table for Book Critique

Teacher will review points of inquiry and expectations for the investigation process. Students will continue to work on Timeline Reflection on My Inquiry Process

Day 4 

Photostory and Movie maker

Teacher reviews criteria developed by the students. Students are introduced to Photostory 3 and Movie maker. Students have a choice to work alone or with a partner. The website below teaches students how to use photostory 3. This website also has links for book trailers.


Students would answer several questions in their journal: Will you work alone or with a partner? What program will you use? What book will you chose?

Day 5 



Learning about Storyboards: Students start storyboards..Lesson Creating a Storyboard. From this website students may also choose to use the storyboard example included. http://skyview.vansd.org/bquestad/cwstorybworksheet.html or from another website https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxib29rdHJhaWxlcnM2NDJ8Z3g6NGIwOTE2MTNkYmE1M2UwOQ

Day 6/7/9/10



Classwork students complete storyboards. Students will share storyboards in small groups and recieve feedback.

Assessment: Students will be assessed on storyboards using a rubric.Story board rubric

Day 11-16

Book trailers


Students will start work on book trailer in computer lab.

Teacher will give mini lessons on adding music and audio as necessary. Teacher will conference with students on progress on a daily bases. Students will complete a checklist to keep track of personal progress. For example day 11 students will focus on finding images for their book trailer.

Student Checklist

Day 16-20


Express and Reflect

Students will start class presentations of booktrailers.

Assessment: Presentation will be assessed using a rubric.Rubric Book Trailer

Students will complete journal self reflection by answering some of the following questions:Student Reflections and Self-Assessment

Teacher will review points of inquiry and expectations. 

Review of Assessment Process: Assessment






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